Wellbeing at work during COVID

​As most of us enter lockdown for the second time it may be difficult to readjust back to life in isolation as we were just beginning to return to a new normal. However, finding a new routine doesn’t have to be hard.

If you are looking for motivation to push through this lockdown, and improve your wellbeing at work during COVID, we have listed three tips to keep calm and healthy during the next six weeks at home;

  1. Rock a routine

Just when you had readjusted to your ‘normal’ routine, e.g. meeting friends for brunch, going to work or taking the kids to the park the thought of having to change your whole routine again may be demoralising but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Most of us find comfort in routine so instead of changing up your daily schedule completely list some alternatives to what you already do. For example, hold your weekly Saturday brunch with friends over a Zoom or Facetime call where each week someone picks a recipe and everyone has a go at making it, replace going to the gym with personal training or transform your home study into your ultimate work-from-home workspace to maximise productivity and explore nature with your family by going for a walk at your local reserve.

Wellbeing at work
Instead of thinking of things you are no longer able to do challenge yourself to think of how you can still do them but in a different setting. This way your day to day routine doesn’t have to drastically change as you may have previously thought.

  1. New beginnings

With some extra time at home it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby or skill.

Keeping the mind stimulated by learning something new can improve mental health and keep you motivated to get better at your new skill. You may find you have a passion and talent for something you didn’t know about!

Keeping the body stimulated is equally as important as it can be easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to keeping fit at home. Schedule some time into your weekly routine to do the kind of exercise that you love, whether it’s going for a jog, doing yoga or playing basketball in your backyard. Keeping fit not only improves your physical fitness but is essential for improved overall wellbeing.

  1. Stay connected

Despite the name isolation doesn’t have to be isolating! Although we can’t physically see our friends and loved ones thanks to technology we have the ability to communicate with the press of a button.

Meaningful relationships are extremely important to your overall wellbeing so make sure you’re still being sociable during your time at home. Set up a weekly video call with a group of friends set aside a time to call your relatives or even just send a text message to check in every now and then. These activities can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. Staying connected keeps us happy!

At Benesse Group, we offer personal training services. If you’re finding it difficult to maintain your wellbeing at work during COVID, reach out to us!

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