Stretch Classes for the Stiff and Sore

As we get older, we may experience more frequent moments of soreness and stiff joints. We all get a little bit of pain and discomfort every now and then. If this is affecting your day-to-day routine it may be time to join a stretch class.

At Benesse Group, we offer small group studio stretching classes using the Stretchfit approach.

What is Stretchfit?

The Stretchfit approach uses modern equipment that targets specific muscles. The equipment allows you to be supported in the most comfortable position to enable maximum possible relaxation in each stretch on purpose-built equipment.

In a typical stretch class with us you will stretch most of the major muscle groups in your body.

We use a method known as PNF (known in the field of exercise and medical science).  It is simple to use and profound in its effects. This type of stretching is ideal for sports people that have played years of sports and tend to be stiffer or had or have injuries.  We have many male clients that have tried male yoga and find that Stretchfit really hits the mark.  Our female clients range from sports people to corporates that sit at a desk all day.

Why should I do it?

There are many benefits to our stretch classes, stretching increases your flexibility and range of movement so you can move easily daily. It improves your posture, assists with injury prevention and rehab, helps manage stress and anxiety and overall, you’ll feel great!

We also use PNF which uses the body’s reflexes to rapidly improve flexibility gains.  It’s simple to employ and doubles the flexibility gains that static forms of stretching, like Yoga, does.

Guys like our classes as an alternative to male yoga. The equipment isolates muscle groups so there’s no tying yourself in knots, no guessing “am I doing it right?” no chanting, and no embarrassing moments!

How do I start?

Benesse Group offers small group studio stretching classes using the Stretchfit approach out of our Ivanhoe studio. We have classes scattered throughout the week in the morning and evening and classes run for 45 minutes. Call today on 0499 772 998 or contact us here.


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