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It continues to amaze me that organisations continue to expect their staff to perform their duties well without the proper training and ongoing development. Guess what??? Good staff end up leaving. This post is to remind you as a manager or business owner that you need to make time for your staff.

Here are three key reasons why you should take the time to support and develop your staff:


1. It saves you money!!
Keep it interesting. People get bored and then become less engaged. There is nothing worse than being bored. Years ago, I had a role and spent most of the time trying to string out the work so it would last for an entire day while everyone else around me seemed flat out. For people to feel engaged they need to be doing rewarding work which triggers that sense of achievement. If you don’t invest in your people, they will leave, and it will cost you money.

Solution: Communicate with your staff regularly. Don’t think you have to wait for the annual performance review. Ask them how they are finding the role and help them develop a plan for their next step.


2. Your own sense of achievement
As their Manager you have a fantastic opportunity to really make a difference to someone’s life. Think of a time when you had a great manager and think of what he/she did to help you. Perhaps you can replicate this in a way that will help a member of your team?


Solution: Make time for your staff. Put away the agendas, scripts or HR compliance paperwork and really listen to what their needs are. Good basic listening skills go along way.


3. To keep abreast of customer demands
Employee development is continuous and dynamic. To keep up with customer demands employee’s training and development is vital for the business to retain customers and find new customers.


Solution: Develop individual employee development plans. My advice here is “keep it real”. Don’t just do it because you think you have to! Work out what the market needs are, find out the learning gaps are then work out a plan of attack. This could be formal or on the job training. In my experience a mix of both is ideal.

Lastly, remember this. Employees are integral to the success of your business or business unit. Take time out to be present and really listen to what your staff need.

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