Let’s talk about Resilience

It seems that many people in organisations are talking about resilience.  When I speak to my clients such as business owners, leaders and staff, I find there is a common theme; they are talking about resilience, asking exactly what it is and how greater resilience can be achieved. It appears there is a great need to help people cope with the ever increasing demands which are placed on them.

Well the good news is yes, you can build resilience.  Professor Martin Seligman is one of the founding fathers of wellbeing theory and director of the Penn Positive Psychology Centre; he has demonstrated how to build resilience by conducting studies on people who already display resilient traits.

Martin and other experts in this field have provided their evidence based research to Workplace Wellbeing coaches to assist them to help organisations and businesses boost the resilience of their people.


It all starts here:


  1. Self Awareness: I recall from my corporate years that I had a manager who only employed people he considered had self awareness as a starting point. This always interested me.  On the one hand I could see how this attribute would make his life easier. On the other hand, it seemed to me that if he employed a suitably qualified and experienced person and spent some time helping to develop their self awareness he would likely gain a more rounded and valuable employee.


  1. Character Strengths. Gosh, who even knows what their character strengths are? What am I talking about here?  Working from a strengths approach provides a great foundation for affecting positive change in the workplace. Even some of our schools are using this approach. We will talk more about this in the coming months.


  1. Self Regulation: Martin describes this as the ability to alter your thoughts and emotions to achieve the desired outcome. This can be hard!!  Think of a time when your business or organisations was going through significant change and how different people cope.  Some people seems to breeze through however others really struggle to grapple with what’s happening.


  1. Connection: Resilience can be fostered by building strong relationships with people in your team or organisation.


  1. Mental Agility: People who are more resilient are those who are able to weave, move and adapt their ideas and thinking. These people are the ones who usually cope better with change.


  1. Optimism: There is a whole body of research on optimism. Research tells us that optimistic people experience more positive events, feel less stressed and better health.

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