Fitness Programs for teens

Fitness Program For Teens

These fitness program for teens sessions are fun and varied. We have a mix of strength, mobility, agility and we teach kids how to run!  We coach all abilities.  Some kids are more creative and others may come from a sporting back ground.

We also have a strong emphasis on wellbeing and integrate positive psychology concepts when we devise fitness programs for teens. Hilary, Scott and Bronwyn are the coaches. Hilary is an amazing runner and coach. The kids love her lovely demeanour and laid-back style.  Scott is well known as a Little Athletics coaching expert and current President for Collingwood Harriers. Bron coordinates the programs and integrates wellbeing techniques from her back ground as a Wellbeing Teacher and background in corporate Australia.


  • Fun and social environment, good way to make new friends
  • Supported environment
  • Great sense of achievement
  • Feel happier, energised
  • Decreased screen time
  • Boost performance and concentration for school and study
  • Improve movement and coordination skills
  • Non-competitive environment

Our training times are Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 5pm and Saturday 11am.  Sessions run for either 45 minutes or an hour.  Please call us today if you have any questions.

Fitness programs for teens

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