Keeping Active During Lockdown

If you live in Melbourne, you’ll be all too familiar with snap lockdowns, working from home and restrictions keeping you from going outside. As annoying as it is, unfortunately we don’t have an exact date on when everything will return to ‘normal’. So, in the meantime, it’s important to implement some structure and routine to lockdown life so that the transition back to everyday life and vice versa isn’t too difficult.

We’ve listed three ways that keeping fit and active during lockdown can improve your overall wellbeing.



For most people, a routine is what makes us get out of bed as we have jobs to do, errands to run all by a certain time. There is no reason why shifting to working from home and living in lockdown should hinder your daily routine. 

If exercise is already part of your routine, you may have to substitute going to the gym with using at home gym equipment, researching home workouts and programs. Luckily, we are still allowed to go for jogs and walks, so now is the perfect time to explore your local area by getting out and about.

If exercise is new to you, lockdown is a great time to create new, healthy habits to keep yourself occupied. Another option is zoom fitness, if you are finding it hard to be motivated give it a go! It works better than you may think.

Switch up your fitness routine by doing different types of exercises on different days. For example, Monday – go for a walk outside, Tuesday – do an at home cardio workout on YouTube, Wednesday – find a stretching and strengthening program you can do from home.

Routine is extremely important in order to give each day a purpose. Ensure to include exercise in your weekly routine to help yourself keep motivated and active during these uncertain times.

Wellbeing at work

Physical Health

The most obvious reason to exercise is to improve physical health and fitness. There are two main types of exercise that can target your legs, abs and arms.

Cardio exercise, such as High-Intensity Interval Training, involves movements that get your heart pumping and your blood flowing (treadmill, boxing, jogging, skipping).

Stretch and strengthening exercises improve muscle flexibility (warm up, cool down, static stretching). Many of us are sitting far too much on zoom calls so we get very tight.  Stretching is imperative for good health.  For example, if we are sitting too much, our hips become very tight which can cause the pelvis to tilt and then we have a sore back.

It is important to do an equal amount of cardio and stretching exercises to utilise different muscles in the body, and to ensure you’re not overworking the same muscles. Always remember to warm up and cool down before exercising!



Its not a myth that exercising makes you happy (to put it shortly). Studies have shown that exercising increases blood flow to the brain, releasing endorphins, such as serotonin, which make your mind and body feel good.

If you are finding it hard to cope during lockdown, you may not feel like exercising, but just a little bit of fitness time per day can improve and stabilise your mood, leaving you feeling happier and more refreshed.

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