How to attract new clients

A common theme that small business owners struggle with is Business Development.  To be successful, business owners need to continue to attract new clients and at the same time consistently provide great service to existing clients.  It is a real juggling act! Time is the critical factor here also.  For example, once we get busy helping clients the diary becomes full.  Then fitting time in the diary to continue with business development activities becomes more challenging.  However, this is how you met these new clients in the first place.

Here are some of types of questions successful small business owners have on their mind and can sometime keep them awake at night!

  • How can I attract more clients? Where will they come from?
  • How do I ask my existing clients for a referral without sounding like a salesperson?
  • Is my pricing strategy discouraging potential new clients?
  • How do I balance my time to manage existing clients and finding new clients?


What is the solution?

  • Block out non negotiable time in the diary for business development activity. For example, block out some time daily with no distractions
  • Business Development activity includes making appointments, following up leads, fine tuning the website, reviewing the social media strategy, refining a referral agreement, updating your Linkedin profile.
  • Build a referral process as part of your client engagement. It is about educating your clients, not selling to them.
  • Never say you are too busy. Some people hear that and think you wouldn’t have time to see them.
  • Research your competitors and find out what their pricing strategy is and how it compares to your business
  • Review your pricing and remind yourself how you add value
  • Is your segmentation strategy providing real value to your clients?
  • Set the strategy for the business at the start of the year then set out a plan on what you want to achieve. Don’t over complicate this!
  • Work on 30,60 or 90 day plans. Work out what works best for you.
  • Have a clearly defined social media strategy


Most importantly, keep it simple and don’t over complicate what you are trying to achieve. Consistency and perseverance in the right areas will pay off.

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