Getting back to basics

Think of someone you know that seems to have every facet of their life working well. What is it that they do to be so successful at everything?  The secret is that they continually strive to be the best they can, they like to challenge themselves and most importantly they set goals. This article will remind you of what you need to do when setting goals.


Step 1: Find your “Why”

Reflecting on why you do what you do is fundamental to setting goals.  Think about these points:

  • You are the one responsible for designing your life
  • You are the only one in charge of your life
  • The possibilities are endless

“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibilities” Oprah Winfrey.


Step 2:   Think “BIG”

You just never know what you can achieve so I say think “big”. Be courageous and have a go.  When I help business owners and individuals with their goal setting, I encourage working backwards.  Have a think about long term goals and then work back from that.  This allows you to think about what you “actually” want to achieve.


Step 3:  Write it down

Think back to the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Cathy Freeman won the 400m. Cathy reported after the Olympics that she remembered at age 10 putting up on a wall a sign which read “I am the world’s greatest athlete’”. She had this seed planted in her brain from a very early age.  What Cathy’s story teaches us is to write down your goals and look at them daily.  You just never know what you can achieve once you put your mind to it.


Writing down goals activates our subconscious to look for opportunities. Harvard Business Study found that people with written goals are three times more successful than those who don’t write down goals. It activates our subconscious to look for opportunities.


Step 4: Share Your Goals

It is important to share your goals. Other people that are supportive of what you do will help keep you motivated.  Richard Branson thinks that you should share your goals with others. He also believes the simple act of writing it down will help you stick to it.


Step 5: Write a list

Don’t you love it when you can cross items off your “To do” list. If feels so good that sometimes people even add the task onto the list just to cross it off even though they have already completed the task!  Writing a list allows you to free your mind to focus on the job at hand.  It also fosters new ideas and plans moving forward and gives you that sense of achievement.


Step 6: Track your progress

No point just writing your goals down and then not looking look at them to see how you are tracking.  Make sure you have a mechanism set up that allows you to track your progress.  Have small milestones along the way as this will drive you to keep going. When I am coaching business owners and individuals, we work off 30, 60 and 90 day plans. We review the goals regularly and make tweaks along the way if we are meandering off track.


Step 7:  Have fun

It is an awesome feeling when you hit your goals!  Make sure you reward yourself and the others around you that helped you get there.


Finally, and what’s next…


In the beginning of this blog, I spoke about those people who just seem to have it all together. They set goals and reaching these goals ultimately leads them towards having a wonderful sense of achievement.  In wellbeing terms we call this “flourishing”.  This is a great introduction to Martin Seligman’s wellbeing model, “PERMA”.  PERMA makes up five important building blocks of well-being and happiness:


  • Positive emotions – feeling good
  • Engagement – being completely absorbed in activities
  • Relationships – being authentically connected to others
  • Meaning – purposeful existence
  • Achievement – a sense of accomplishment and success


Over the coming blogs we will dive a little deeper into this concept of wellbeing. Stay posted.

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