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We care deeply about the welfare of our clients and thrive on seeing them prosper.

Benesse Group help people by:

  • Offering stretching for runners
  • Improving people’s quality of life and wellbeing through exercise and stretching
  • Increase mobility and flexibility to decrease or eliminate aches and pains
  • Encouraging kids and teenagers to incorporate fitness into their life
  • Help teenagers and kids understand their strengths & how to use in their day to day lives
  • Having a better life at work
  • Guide people to have a career that best suits their strengths
  • Improve running technique & sports performance

Bronwyn Hill

Director, Personal Trainer, Stretching for runners Coach & Business & Wellbeing Coach

Describe why you like coaching?

My motivation comes from helping people improve their life.  I enjoy helping people flourish and achieve their full potential with their health, fitness and work goals.  I also enjoy providing stretching for runners to enhance their performance.

What is an ideal day for you?

I love exercising and feeling fit and healthy.  I stretch daily these days after years of playing hockey and running my body can tend to be a little stiff.  Stretching helps me relax and it makes me feel good.  Ideally I like to do my strength and cardio in the mornings and stretch in the evenings to wind down for the day.  I also love to coach, it just doesn’t feel like a job to me.  I love helping the kids improve and see their confidence grow through sport.

What skills do you think a good coach needs?

Coaching requires the following skills and attributes: reliable, steady, intuitive,  prepared, considered methodology, adaptable, transparent, know when to push and when to hold back, encouraging and make it fun and varied.



Bronwyn Hill, Stretching For Runners

Hilary McAdam

Coach – Teens, Kids and Adults

What has been your greatest experience in your life so far?

Travelling to the USA and going to college to pursue my athletics career.

What do you for your own wellbeing?

I find a balance between exercising, eating healthy but also having fun with friends and not being too strict

What do you love about coaching?

I enjoy seeing faces light up when people I coach know they have done something well and are proud of themselves. All the hard work pays off, and they feel accomplished.


Scott Lovell

Coach – Teens, Kids

Describe one of your favourite coaching sessions? 

When the athletes are smiling due to a since of achievement or outcome that had prevailed during the coaching session.  It also important for all of us to have fun in the process of learning.

How do you manage your own wellbeing?

No matter what my day or week has been like, sport is a great opportunity to put aside any concerns or worries I may have and simply focus on something else.  I believe it’s important to structure time out in your day and take regular breaks to allow you to re-focus and provide better outcomes as a result.  Having a scheduled program or process will assist in this and it’s important to share this with my work colleges and or family members for everyone’s mental wellbeing.

How long have you been coaching  and what got your started?

I have always been involved in community sport and my first journey was Aus. kick coach, then MCG as a Coordinator, then football coaching.  I always did Little Athletics as a kid and decided to put my own children into Little Athletics.  It was here that I realised I could really make a difference (15 years ago) by developing the program for Collingwood Little Athletics.  Something I am very proud of.

We delight in meeting new clients and we thrive on helping them to set in motion a sustainable plan to stay well beings.

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