5 Ways To Wellbeing

Whether it be losing weight, toning up or just keeping fit, we all know that exercising has significant physical health benefits, but did you know that exercising can also improve your mental health and physical wellbeing?

We’ve listed five ways that exercise can strengthen your mind and improve mental health;

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of clearing your mind so that you are living solely in the moment. When being mindful, a person focuses on their senses – what they can see, hear, taste, smell and touch right at that second.

You can practice mindfulness while exercising by focusing on your breath and the movements you are performing, this way, you are not thinking about that conversation you had with your boss yesterday, or the bills you have to pay next week. This practice can be helpful to de-stress and reduce anxiety, all the while getting fit!

  1. Endorphins

Ever noticed that you’re buzzing straight after a workout? When you are exercising, your body releases hormones called endorphins. Endorphins act similar to a painkiller, reducing pain and stress, and boosting your mood. So, when we exercise and endorphins get released, we naturally feel better.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, put on your running shoes and go for a run – you may notice an improvement in your mood by the end of it!

  1. Relationships

Getting the motivation to exercise doesn’t come easily, however, exercising with a friend can improve your mood while getting a workout. Joining regular group fitness classes or training groups can help form meaningful relationships that boost your mood and encourage you to be social.

Joining a group can also give you incentive to exercise, as you look forward to meeting with likeminded people.

  1. Self Esteem

We all know that regular exercise is beneficial for physical health. By exercising regularly, you may notice positive changes to your body such as increased stamina or improved flexibility. Seeing these changes may also positively improve self-esteem, as you can see yourself getting physically stronger and fitter.

Setting personal bests and challenging yourself to beat them can also increase motivation and elicit positive emotions when achieved.

  1. Improved Memory

The hippocampus is the area in the brain responsible for memory and learning. When you exercise, the hippocampus increases in size. As the size of the hippocampus increases, so does the ability to retain information for longer, thus, improving memory.

If you are often forgetful, an improved memory can help to boost your mood and confidence.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, run down or unmotivated, exercise may be the answer to feeling better!

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